A Video Poker Strategy

Video Poker Strategy Video Poker includes a basic amount of skill and luck to consistently win. When played optimally, it's one of the best casino games to play as the house edge is well under 1%. Here's some basic guidelines to follow when playing "Jacks or Better" video poker: Always keep a high pair (Jacks or better) over an open straight or a potential flush. If you keep the high pair, you are guaranteed to recover your bet with the potential to improve to a better hand. Always hold on to a pair, regardless of how low the number, over discarding the pair and holding on to a higher card. You're better off going for three of a kind than holding the higher card and going for a pair. Similarly, always hold on to a pair, regardless of how low the number, over going for any type of potential straight (open-end or inside). Don't hold on to a high value card to be used along with a pair. The game will only pay off when the player holds one of the posted hands. Holding on to this extra "kicker" card cost you the opportunity to draw a card that's better for your hand.

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